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22nd APACRS Meeting: Tokyo, Japan, June 25-28 2009

The 22nd Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (APACRS) meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan from 26-28 June 2009. Dr Chan Wing Kwong and Dr Ronald Yeoh both attended the meeting.

Dr Chan’s involvement:

  • Invited Speaker in Symposium on Management of Refractive Surgery complications. Topic: Management of DLK.
  • Invited Speaker in Video Based Refractive Surgery Symposium. Topic: A LASIK Nightmare.
  • Chairman of Video Based Refractive Surgery Symposium.
  • Member of organising committee for 22nd APACRS Annual Meeting.

Dr Yeoh spoke in the main plenary session, representing the APACRS in a session where the ASCRS(American society) and ESCRS (European society)were also presenting. He spoke on the topic of ‘A Torical Perspective’ summarizing the effectiveness and excellent results of the toric lens implant for astigmatism control after cataract surgery.

Dr Yeoh (2nd from left) with speakers from Russia,
India, Korea and the USA.

Dr Yeoh conducted a session teaching Japanese eye surgeons how to start using the TORIC lens implant after cataract surgery. The TORIC lens is being introduced in Japan in August 2009. He also discussed the use of the new Restor +3 multifocal lens implant.

Source: ERS

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