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The Ageing Eye – How to enhance, restore and sustain your vision
Eye & Retina Surgeons recently held a public forum and eye screening on 22 November 2014 with the focus on the ageing eye. There was an overwhelming response and the auditorium in Camden Medical Centre was packed with a very interactive crowd on a Saturday afternoon.

A wide range of topics were covered by two of the specialists from Eye & Retina surgeons. Topics such as cataract and how it affects the eyes and the treatment involved, droopy eyelids causing obstruction to the vision as well as the common condition of dry eyes and watery eyes due to infection, malpositioned lashes and blocked tear ducts were covered by Dr Elaine Chee. This was followed by an interesting session lead by Dr Daniel Su, who covered cataracts in relation to glaucoma as well as the truth and myths about glaucoma- the silent thief of sight.

After a round of lively question and answer chaired by the speakers and two other partners of the Eye & Retina surgeons team, Dr Ang Beng Chong and Dr Chan Wing Kwong, the audience were ushered to our clinic for an eye screening conducted by the two speakers.

Thanks to the staff and attentive audience, we managed to reach out to many of the public to create greater awareness on the many common conditions that plague the ageing eye. This is the first in a series of educational talks that we have planned and we look forward to continuing to provide updates to the public in our bid to enhance, restore and sustain our patients vision.

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