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Medical Milestones

Standard small incision cataract surgery uses a wound about 2.6-3mm in size and uses a cartridge (C Size) to insert the foldable lens implant. Better results are gained from even smaller incisions; hitherto, we have been able to do the surgery using a 2.2mm incision but the injector cartridge (C ) was too big for the incision and significant force had to be used to squeeze the lens implant into the eye.

On Thursday 29 November 2007, Dr Ron Yeoh from ERS did the first case in Singapore using an even smaller (D size) cartridge allowing a smooth an uneventful implantation of an Acrysof Wavefront lens implant (SN60WF) through an unenlarged 2.2mm incision. The patient is doing very well.

This new cartridge and its appropriate use in conjunction with 2.2mm incisions herald a further advancement in state of the art cataract surgery in Singapore.

Source: ERS
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