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New instrument to aid TORIC astigmatic lens implant

Because part of ERS’ commitment to enhancing vision after cataract surgery, toric astigmatic implants are now very popular because implanting them during cataract surgery means that preexisting astigmatism can be significantly reduced. As can be seen from the picture, toric implants are directional and precise placement is crucial to good visual outcomes.

Toric astigmatic implant : note the three little dots which are the alignment marks.

An important instrument during surgery is the axis marker to help in this alignment and Dr Ron Yeoh from ERS recognized that the existing markers, designed for Caucasian eyes were too big for Asian eyes and so he designed a new smaller, slim-line Toric marker for our Asian patients with smaller eyes.

A major American instrument company ASICO has manufactured this instrument, calling it the Yeoh Toric Marker. The instrument is finding great favour not only in Asian markets, but also in the US,where eye surgeons are finding that this design is useful even in Caucasian eyes. See ASICO brochure here on Yeoh Toric Marker.

Source: ERS

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