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Report from Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO)Congress 15-19 May 2009

Drs Adrian Koh, Chan Wing Kwong, Ong Sze Guan and Ron Yeoh from Eye & Retina Surgeons Singapore all attended this large regional eye conference held in Bali, Indonesia. With nearly 4000 delegates, this was a large meeting in which our doctors both lectured and learnt about the latest techniques in ophthalmology.

Dr Chan Wing Kwong:

  1. Moderator for 1st Technolas Alliance meeting. Also presented a paper on the latest LASIK algorithm titled “The Ultimate LASIK Ablation – The Personalised Treatment Advanced Algorithm”. The Technolas Alliance meeting was a meeting of LASIK surgeons using the Technolas laser platform with about 200 surgeons from the Asia Pacific region attending.
  2. Chairman and speaker in the symposium of Complication Prevention and Management for LASIK. Presented paper on “Management of Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis”.
  3. Speaker in the STAAR ICL Symposium. Presented a paper on my experience with 3 different types of phakic intraocular lenses over the last 10 years titled “From the Front to the Back of the Eye – Experience with 3 Types of Phakic IOLs”.
Dr Chan at the podium in Bali, APAO, 2009

Dr Adrian Koh:

Dr Koh was invited to speak on the latest advances in OCT imaging of the retina using the Zeiss Cirrus version 4 (which will be available in Eye & Retina Surgeons soon) and its enhanced features. He was also Chairman and speaker for a lunch symposium on management of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD). He spoke on “Current management of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy’. He also presented a clinical case for discussion during the Challenging Retinal Cases from around the world session, chaired by Dr Alexander Brucker, the Chief Editor of the Retina Journal.

Dr Koh (second from left) with international
retinal specialists in Bali

He was also invited to give lectures in Mumbai, India; and St Petersburg, Russia within the last 3 months. He gave the keynote speech on Evidence Based Guidelines in the Clinical Use of Lucentis for Wet AMD at the 4th Indian AMD Congress, held in Aamby Valley, Mumbai. He was also guest speaker at the Medical Retinal Debates on ‘Treat & Extend vs. Treat & Observe’ treatment regimens.

In May 09, Dr Koh was invited as Plenary Guest Speaker at the 15th Ophthalmic Congress of Russia, held in St Petersburg. Over 1500 Russian ophthalmologists attended the 5-day conference. Besides Dr Koh, there were 5 other invited speakers from the United States, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In addition, he spoke on Lucentis Dosing and Re-treatment Regimens at a symposium on Lucentis Treatment for wet AMD.

Dr Ron Yeoh:

  1. Presented on the latest in lens implant technology, talking about the advantages of blue-light filtering lens implants used in cataract surgery.
  2. He chaired two round table discussions with top doctors from Korea and HongKong on the latest multifocal Restor implants and toric astigmatic correcting implants.
  3. He was also a panelist in an international symposium where challenging cases in cataract/retinal surgery were discussed.

Another exciting development is the advent of a new way of correcting for high myopia in patients who cannot have LASIK due to thin corneas. This is the Phakic Lens Implant called the ‘Cache lens’ from Alcon and in a ten year study period, this lens has been found to give excellent visual results with minimal side effects. This new technology is now available at Eye & Retina Surgeons.

Source: ERS

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