Cataracts are opacities in the normally clear human lens which blur vision; they generally occur with advancing age or as a result of some insult e.g. injury, drugs, inflammation. Everybody will get a cataract if they live long enough. Here is what cataracts look like:

No Cataract
Yellow Cataract
White Cataract
in Chinese, called a white internal membrane (bai nei jang)

The surgery is quick and painless and vision returns rapidly.

At Eye and Retina Surgeons, it is no longer good enough to just remove a cataract and hope for a good visual result using glasses. It is part of our practice philosophy to try and give our patients good vision after cataract surgery without glasses or other visual aids.

Our aim for our patients is: Good Unaided Vision!

To achieve this requires attention to many details prior to surgery.

  • Consultation and Assessment
  • Biometry (Accurate measurements of the axial length of your eye and the corneal curvature)
  • Selection of Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL)
  • Surgical planning


Consultation and Assessment




Selection of Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL)


Planning for surgery


In the past, cataract surgery tended to be done only in elderly patients whose cataracts were ‘ripe’ and the objective was to give the cataract patient back his eye sight with the use of glasses.

This mindset has now changed because with the current techniques of removing cataracts and the current range of lens implants, cataract surgery has now become lifestyle surgery where apart from merely removing an opaque lens and replacing it with a standard lens, we can now give good vision to everyone with cataracts. Indeed, many patients with early cataracts often choose to undergo early cataract surgery so they do not need to wear glasses!

Cataract Surgeons
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